Racking Solutions

Custom Wine Cellar Racks San Diego

Custom Wine Cellar Racks San Diego

When choosing a racking solution for your wine cellar, it is important to consider quality, value, and style. You don’t want to end up disappointed because the wine racks didn’t meet your expectations. Your chosen designer and builder must assess your needs before determining the most suitable type of wine rack system for your collection. At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we always want our clients to have the perfect wine storage system for their residential or commercial wine cellar. 

Stellar and Functional Wine Rack Systems for Residential and Commercial Applications

Your choice of racking will make or break the overall appeal of your wine cellar. More and more wine enthusiasts decide to invest in a well-designed custom wine cellar for many reasons.

For homeowners, a gorgeous wine room will enhance the value of their property. For owners of restaurants, hotels, bars, and retail stores, a stunning wine rack design will help boost their sales revenue.

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego has been providing wine rack solutions to collectors and business owners in and around California. We offer kit and custom wine racks manufactured from high-quality materials and designed with form and function. Depending on your personal style and preference, you can choose between wood, metal, or a combination of these materials.

Wooden Racking Solutions

Mahogany Wine Racks San Diego Wine Cellar Design

Mahogany Wine Racks San Diego Home Wine Cellar Design

With its classic appeal, there’s no doubt wood has been a favorite material in wine cellar construction. Its natural beauty makes your wine room impressive, and its earthy look creates a warm atmosphere.

Aside from its beauty, wood is also easy to work with. This feature provides us more customization options that will meet all your requirements. It also blends well with any existing décor.

At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we manufacture wine racks from Mahogany, Redwood, and Alder. Knowing the properties of each of these wood varieties will help you determine the right material for your racking.


Mahogany is an attractive type of wood. It exhibits pinkish tones, which develop over time. You can reveal its beautiful grains by sanding. Mahogany is strong and durable, making it a perfect racking material for long-term and high-density wine storage. When kiln-dried, it will resist warping.

Mahogany takes stain and finishes very well. It is non-aromatic, which makes it ideal for climate-controlled wine cellars. Wooden wine racks with strong odors will affect the taste and aroma of the wines stored in them.

The three subspecies of Mahogany are African, Prime, Sapele, Amber Blaze, Genuine, Philippine, and Malaysian. Among them, we recommend Malaysian Mahogany because of its distinctive wood grain patterns (blister, stripe, ripple) and tone variations (brown tones). Although a bit more expensive than Redwood, choosing Malaysian Mahogany will be all worth it because of its diverse characteristics.


Premium Redwood Custom Racking Design San Diego

Premium Redwood Custom Racking Design San Diego

Redwood has soft earth tones, which become richer overtime. Using this wood for your wine racks will add a rustic appeal to your wine cellar. It has burl clusters, which add beauty to your racking.

Its natural preservatives eliminate the need for stain application. Redwood is also highly resistant to shock, decay, mildew, and insects. It can withstand the humid conditions in refrigerated wine rooms.

Since Redwood is a sustainable material, it is a great option for eco-friendly wine collectors. Its subspecies include All Heart and Premium. All Heart Redwood has darker tones than Premium Redwood.


Knotty Alder Wine Racks

Knotty Alder Wine Racks

Another ideal material for wine racks is Alder. It is likened to a chameleon because it can mimic other types of hardwoods when a stain is applied. You have the option to choose between Knotty and Clear Alder.

If your goal is to have a wine room with a rustic feel, you can opt for Knotty Alder. It has distinctive tones that add character to the racking. The beautiful knots and burl clusters are visible in wine racks constructed from this wood.

If you want a more modern appeal for your wine racks, Clear Alder wood is the right choice. It has straight grain patterns that make them look sleek when used in building wine storage racks.

Bottle Orientations for Wooden Wine Racks

Commercial Wine Racks

Commercial Wine Racks

The most widely used bottle orientations in building residential wine cellars are the Traditional Series wooden wine racks. These include: column, column display, archway with solid diamond bins, curved corner, solid diamond bins, glass rack, individual rack with tabletop, horizontal display, lattice quarter, lattice X-bin, and waterfall display wine racks.

For commercial establishments that sell wine, we offer the commercial stackers, aisle with tabletop, curved corner with a solid display, rectangular bin, and round aisle wine racks.

Our wooden wine rack kits also include stackable wine racks, which are recommended for a growing collection.

Metal Wine Rack Storage Solutions

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks San Diego

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks San Diego

For wine collectors who love a high-end design for their wine room, Custom Wine Cellars San Diego offers a wide array of metal racking solutions. These include the VintageView, STACT, and Ultra PEG wine racks.

We have used VintageView wine racks in many of our wine cellar projects. Designed with a label-forward orientation, this type of racking system allows for easy browsing.

The STACT wine racks are for wall-mount installation. Two bottle supports attached to a wood panel, can hold one bottle. Our finish options for the wood panel include citrus green, pure white, zebra wood, and electric orange.

The Ultra PEG system makes use of stainless steel rods with rubber O-rings. This feature holds the bottles securely in place. Rod finishes include chrome, brushed aluminum, or powder coat.

There are metal wine racks intended for both floor-to-ceiling and wall-mount installation.

Types of Wine Rack System Offered by San Diego Master Builders

At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we manufacture standard modular and custom wine rack systems. All of our wine racks are made from high-quality materials to ensure stability and durability. We will help you display your collection brilliantly and safely.

Modular or Kit Wine Racks (Wood)

Kit Wine Racks

Kit Wine Racks

If you are a beginner in wine collecting and are on a tight budget, you can start with a small capacity pre-made wooden wine rack. As your collection grows, you can expand your racking system by adding more units.

The creative designers of Custom Wine Cellars San Diego will help you build your wine cellar with a custom look, using modular wine racks. With careful planning and various selections, we will turn your space into a stellar wine room without spending as much as customizing your cellar.

Readily built wine racks come in various styles and modules to meet the specific requirements of each client. They are available in heights from 6 to 8 to feet. Our wine rack kits are constructed with horizontal spacer bars and 1 ½ feet toe-kick base for stability.

Custom Wine Racks (Wood or Metal)

Custom Racking Home Wine Cellar San Diego

Custom Racking Home Wine Cellar San Diego

One of the reasons people invest in a wine cellar is to exceptionally display their collection. To achieve this goal, a custom wine rack system is the solution.

Add a Personalized Touch

Although more expensive than pre-made wooden wine racks, customizing your racking will allow you to incorporate your own design — resulting in a more personalized look.

You can add functional features such as drawers, cabinets, cigar humidors, a display area for your wine accessories, and more. You may also opt to add a hand-carved design in some sections of your wooden racks.

If you choose metal custom wine racks, you will have a modern and sophisticated home or commercial wine cellar. We can combine metal and wood for a wine cellar that stands out from the rest.

Fit Your Room Perfectly

Wood and Metal Custom Wine Racks

Wood and Metal Custom Wine Racks

Custom wine racks are designed to suit the size and shape of your room. If you want to transform an odd-shaped room like that under the stairs, customizing your racking is the best option.

We recommend custom wine racks because modular racking will not fit perfectly in a room with a sloping ceiling and a curved wall. For tiny spaces, it could be quite challenging to choose the most suitable size and style of kit wine racks.

If budget is not a problem and you want to satisfy your thirst for beauty, it’s best to choose custom wine racks for your cellar.

Quality and Attractive Storage Solutions for Wine Enthusiasts

A well-designed wine rack system will benefit home and business owners. Working with a specialist will store your wines safely and beautifully.

Do you need innovative racking solutions for your wine cellar? Custom Wine Cellars San Diego will provide the racking system to meet your requirements. Contact us today to start your project!