Display Your Collection in a Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar Designed by a San Diego Specialist

Having a contemporary wine display will enhance the value of your home and boost your business’ sales revenue. Metal wine racks are in demand in modern wine storage facilities.

A modern design for wine storage facilities is in demand in many parts of the world. A high-end wine cellar design plays a significant role in the overall appeal of your space. Whether you want to have a residential or commercial wine room that stands out from the rest, Custom wine cellars San Diego will provide you with contemporary wine storage ideas and solutions.   

Showcasing Your Wine Collection in a Modern Way

The main reason homeowners and entrepreneurs invest in a functional storage facility is for long-term wine storage. Secondary to this is the need for a stellar wine display..

Contemporary Wine Cellar

This is a contemporary wine cellar built by San Diego Builders using VintageView metal wine racks, which are mounted on the wall to eliminate the use of floor space.

In San Diego, California, most wine enthusiasts desire a wine cellar designed with functionality and luxury.

One way to make your wine room attractive is by hiring a specialist who has extensive experience in designing modern wine racking.

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego has a passion for building contemporary wine storage facilities for residential and commercial applications. To make your wine cellar stand out from the rest, we incorporate unique features into your wine cellar design.

The Role of the Racking Design and Material in Building a Modern Wine Room

Custom Wine Cellar Design San Diego CA

Modern Custom Wine Cellar Design San Diego CA

Increasingly more wine connoisseurs are finding efficient and contemporary ways to display their wines. How can this benefit residential owners?

An elegant wine cellar will increase the resale value of your home, impress guests, and provides a great place for entertainment.

Owners of commercial establishments should also make sure that the design of their racking is eye-catching. A sleek wine room design in your hotel, bar, restaurant, or retail store will help boost sales revenue by enticing customers to check your products and make a purchase.

Contemporary Wine Rack Designs for Custom Wine Cellars in San Diego

When we hear the phrase “contemporary wine cellars,” the first thing that comes to our mind is a minimalist design that makes use of metal and glass.

Metal Wine Racks

Glass Wine Cellar with VintageView Racks

This contemporary wine cellar was enclosed in glass to allow viewing of the display from the outside. The glass panels were thermally insulated for efficient cooling inside the room, preventing wine from being damaged.

The use of metal is widely known for incorporating modernism into a wine room. It is a lightweight material and provides endless creative designs.

Metal wine racks create an artistic atmosphere in your space. They are also flexible, allowing you to install them in the tiny corners of a room.

Depending on your personal preference and storage needs, you may opt for pre-made or custom wine racks.

Pre-made wine racks are readily built and available in various sizes. This racking option is more economical than customizing your wine racks.

However, if you want a design to meet your aesthetic requirements, a custom wine rack system is the best choice. It is also ideal for tiny and irregular-shaped spaces.

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego offers various lines of contemporary metal racking systems, which will add a stylish element to their client’s wine room.

VintageView Wine Racks
Floor Standing VintageView Evolution Series Metal Wine Racks

The floor-standing VintageView Evolution Series metal wine racks are expandable, making it ideal for a growing collection.

One of the manufacturers of metal wine storage systems is VintageView. They are widely known for providing stylish and flexible wine racks with a label forward display orientation.

Their Evolution Series consists of free-standing units that are made from high-quality stainless steel rods and acrylic supports.

VitageView Vino Pins Racking San Diego Master Builders

VintageView Vino Pins racking are recommended by San Diego Master Builders for tiny spaces because they are designed for wall mount installation.

The height of these wine racks can be customized to fit the size of your dedicated space. You can choose between Satin Black and Chrome Steel rods to complement the existing theme of your room.

Another product of VintageView is their Vino Pins Series. It makes use of aluminum and acrylic pins, which can be installed on the wall.

Two pins can hold one bottle in a label forward orientation. They are designed for wall-mount installation.

STACT Wine Racks
Modern Commercial-Wine Display STACT Metal Wine Racks

Modern Commercial Wine Display STACT Metal Wine Racks

STACT metal wine racks are perfect for areas where space is limited.

Bring your wine display to a higher level with another style of metal racking — the STACT wine racks. It makes use of backer boards and aluminum bottle supports.

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego will transform your walls into a contemporary wine display area by combining wood panels with different finishes, and arranging them in a unique way.

Glass Components

Glass Enclosed Custom Wine Cellar San Diego Project

This glass enclosed residential wine cellar is another outstanding project by Custom Wine Cellars San Diego designed for a modern home. It looks like a giant aquarium in the client’s living area.

Contemporary wine rooms aim for elegance. Wine cellars with glass components are sophisticated; that’s why we recommend glass walls and door for owners who want a modern wine display. Some have glass enclosure, which makes them look like a giant aquarium.

Glass Enclosed Contemporary Restaurant Wine Cellar San Diego

Glass Enclosed Contemporary Restaurant Wine Cellar San Diego

Glass wine cellars add a luxurious ambiance to your space and provide high visibility of the bottles. Highly visible wine displays are highly recommended in commercial wine storage facilities because it provides the customers convenient viewing of the wines on sale.

Add a Modern Wine Room to Your Home or Business

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego always wants their client’s wine room to stand out from the rest. They design contemporary wine cellars for residential and commercial applications.

If you want to start your own project, contact us today at +1 (858) 429-9190!