Wine Cellar Flooring

Unique Wine Cellar Flooring by San Diego Master Builders

Unique Wine Cellar Flooring by San Diego Master Builders

There are many possible side effects of choosing the wrong type and wrong installation of wine cellar flooringIt can make or break the overall appeal of your wine room and can damage your favorite vintages when not installed properly. Learn the various flooring options offered by Custom Wine Cellars San Diego and how they install it correctly. 

Extraordinary Wine Cellar Flooring by San Diego Master Builders 

It is wrong to install just any type of flooring in a climate-controlled wine cellar. Flooring is one of the most important components of a wine room. It affects the beauty and functionality of your wine cellar. It is recommended that you hire a master builder who has the necessary knowledge in building wine cellars to prevent regrets and a waste of investment in the future.  

At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we always make sure that all of the components are of high quality and installed correctly. Our team’s creativity, passion, and extensive knowledge make us one of the most trusted builders in California.   

How Wine Cellar Flooring is Installed Correctly 

Wine Cellar Flooring Construction San Diego

Wine Cellar Flooring Construction San Diego

Just like the walls and ceiling, insulating the flooring is of the utmost importance. This will help achieve the optimum storage conditions required for long-term aging of wine. Flooring that is poorly installed or not insulated at all will cause excessive changes in temperature and humidity levels.  

When this happens, mold and mildew might grow on the walls, ceiling, storage racks, and even on the wine labels.  This can negatively affect, not only the integrity of your wine cellar, but the quality of your precious wines as well. 


Popular and Recommended Types of Materials for Wine Cellar Flooring  

Factors to consider when choosing your wine cellar flooring material include the room’s location, the weight of the bottles and the wine racks, and other pieces of furniture that you are planning to place inside your wine room like tables, chairs, and cabinets.    

For wine cellars equipped with a refrigeration unit, you must keep in mind that the material must be able to withstand the humid conditions. Materials, such as carpets, are not recommended because they trigger mold growth.   

The most widely-used materials for flooring are vinyl, tiles, marble, and slate. Most builders, including Custom Wine Cellars Florida, recommend flooring made from cork or reclaimed wine barrels. Find out why you should opt for these types of flooring. 


Cork Wine Cellar Flooring

Cork Wine Cellar Flooring

For most wine collectors, using environment-friendly materials adds aesthetic appeal and value to their wine cellar. One of these is cork, which is also used as wine bottle stoppers because of its elasticity, buoyancy, and impermeability.

Additionally, it is made up of natural micro rubber particles and 50% air, which make cork ideal in areas with humid conditions like refrigerated wine cellars.    

Cork is a renewable material. There is no need to cut the trees to harvest cork. The bark must be stripped properly to allow the trees to regenerate growth, usually after 9-12 years.    

Color and Design Options 

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, you can’t go wrong with cork. It has attractive patterns and color variations.  Depending on your personal preference, you may opt for planks or tiles. At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, our creative team recommends using alternate tones for a stunning effect.  

Cork flooring goes well with almost any existing décor in your residential or commercial space. You can go for darker tones for a more elegant look or lighter colors for a casual look.  

Natural Cork Flooring 

For wine cellar flooring with impressive beauty, natural (traditional cork) flooring is recommended. This type of flooring is made from premium Portuguese cork. The types available are Ebro, Mondego, Marmol, Tordera, Lune, and Roca, which have different patterns. You may choose one or more to create flooring that can wow your guests.

This type of flooring is certified and carries the Greenguard Gold standard for Indoor Air Quality. This ensures that your flooring does not emit harmful volatile organic compounds into your home or commercial wine cellar, which can cause health problems. 

At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we use Endura AR UV-cured finish with advanced generation abrasion resistance to protect your flooring from damage. 

Almada Cork Floorings 

A favorite type of cork flooring we offer is the Almada flooring. It is not only easy to install but does not introduce dangerous emissions. With its ability to maintain indoor air quality, it was certified by Greenguard Children & Schools.  

Beveled narrow planks are used to make the flooring look like natural hardwood. We use fiberboard for the core flooring. It must be exterior grade and highly resistant to moisture.

These properties will provide better flooring insulation and help achieve the optimum conditions required for long-term storage.  

The different types available are: Nevoa Natural, Fila Natural, Marcus Natural, and Tira Natural, choosing Alamada cork flooring will add aesthetic value to your wine cellar. 

Wine Barrel Flooring 

Cooperage-Wine Cellar Flooring by San Diego Builders

Cooperage Wine Barrel Flooring by San Diego Builders

For hundreds of years, oak wine barrels have been used to store wine. These barrels impart distinctive and desirable flavors, texture, and tint to the wine stored in them.

The used oak barrels can be recycled into many products that can make your wine room stand out from the rest and add an historic touch to your wine cellar.  

To create flooring, the barrels are broken down into long strips and engineered. There are different types of wine barrel flooring: Stave, Cooperage, and Wine Infusion.  

Stave makes use of the exterior parts of the barrel. There are metal hoop band markings that make Stave flooring stylish. 

The top and bottom portions of the barrel make up the Cooperage style wine cellar flooring. This is the ideal option if you want cooper stamps and markings of the winemakers to be visible on your flooring. The markings include the logo of the winery and stamps used to identify the original content of the barrel.  

Wine Infusion flooring exhibits shades of red. It is built using the inner parts of the used oak barrels. The red shades were imparted by the wine aged in the barrel.  

We create wine barrel flooring using the tongue and groove technique. Available in various widths and lengths, the planks are 5/8” thick.   

Do You Want Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar Flooring? 

If you want stylish flooring for your wine cellar, Custom Wine Cellars San Diego will help you. Our cork and wine barrel flooring will add beauty and an historic touch to your wine room while being friendly to the environment. Contact us today!