Wine Cellar Lighting


Wine Cellar Lighting by San Diego Builders

Wine Cellar Lighting by San Diego Builders

One of the factors that can spoil wine and make a poor wine display is the wrong choice of lighting system. Proper illumination of your wine cellar will not only protect your wines from damage, but it will also create a stunning display of your favorite vintages. Custom Wine Cellars San Diego recommends the best lighting system for wine storage facilities. 

Why Choose the Right Wine Cellar Lighting 

Wine is delicate. This is the main reason it must be kept in a room with stable conditions. In addition to installing the right amount of insulation and an efficient wine cooling unit, another way to achieve the correct environment for wine aging is by choosing the proper wine cellar lighting system.  

Moreover, the overall appeal of your wine cellar is also affected by the type of wine cellar lighting system installed in it. You and your investment will experience the benefits by hiring a company that is knowledgeable in building effective wine cellars. 

At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we consider the lighting system a very important aspect in constructing wine rooms. We use only the best and safest lighting fixtures for our client’s wine cellar.  

Provide Protection for Your Wine Collection   

Proper Wine Room Lighting

Proper Wine Room Lighting

Heat is the number one enemy of wine. Excessive exposure to heat and UV rays will alter the chemical properties of the wine. When this happens, it will deteriorate easily. This is the main reason most wines are stored in colored glass bottles.

In addition, wines should not be placed near your windows, microwave, refrigerator, and other appliances that generate heat.  

If you store wines in an area with high temperatures, the cork will shrink and become brittle. This will allow an unwanted amount of air to enter the bottle and mix with the wine. This will result in wine oxidation, which causes wine to smell like burnt fruit, wet dog, or wet cardboard.  

What Type of Lighting System is Safe? 

Wine Room Lighting by Custom Wine Cellars San Diego

LED Wine Room Lighting by Custom Wine Cellars San Diego

Nowadays, various lighting options can be found in the market. If you want to ensure that your wine investment will not go to waste, you must work with an expert.    

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego makes sure that your lighting system will protect your precious wines for many years to come. We use the LED (light-emitting diode) lighting system. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED lights emit a minimal amount of heat and do not produce UV rays.

They have low voltage, which means that they consume less energy than other types of bulbs. LED lights are also known to have a longer lifespan, eliminating the need to replace bulbs frequently.  

We recommend a dimmer switch to make it easier for the owner to control the brightness of their wine cellar lighting system.   

Well-Illuminated and Exceptional Wine Display Area 

LED Wine Cellar Lighting is Safe and Appealing

LED Wine Cellar Lighting is Safe and Appealing

Sophisticated Way of Illuminating the Shelf Wine Display

Sophisticated Way of Illuminating the Shelf Wine Display

Your wine cellar should have lighting that provides an ample amount of light for reading the wine labels and going around the room. Also, keep in mind that your choice of lighting system must set the mood that you want in your wine cellar.  

At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we make a careful assessment of our client’s needs so we can determine and use the components that suit their requirements. This will help us know the ideal type of lighting system to use to set the mood that our customers want to achieve.   

An exceptional home wine cellar display is ideal for owners who love to entertain friends and host wine tasting parties. It will impress the homeowner’s guests and enhance the value of the property. For commercial wine cellars in restaurants, hotels, bars, or retail stores, an attractive lighting system will encourage customers to come to the establishment and check your products that are for sale. This may result in a purchase and an increase in sales revenue. 

A wine cellar with dramatic lighting will enhance the dining experience of customers. When they tell their families, friends, or colleagues about their superb experience, the reputation of your commercial establishment will become word of mouth.  

Different Styles of Wine Cellar Lighting 

It is important that you choose a lighting fixture that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements. Whatever style of lighting you pick to illuminate your wine cellar, you must consult an expert designer and builder, like Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, to ensure correct positioning and amount of lighting. 

Track Lighting 

Track Wine Cellar Lighting California

Track Wine Cellar Lighting California

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Track lighting, which is also called “spotlight”, is a type of directional lighting that is a good option for highlighting bottles stored in display rows. Its flexibility is one of the reasons that make it a favorite choice in wine cellar construction. The track heads allow the owner to move the direction of light to a specific area in the cellar. Track lights are commonly installed on the ceiling and walls. 

Recessed Can Lights 

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego recommends the recessed can lights as the main lighting in your wine room. Recessed lights can also be used to highlight sections in the racking in a downward direction. You can get creative by using recessed uplights, which accent your wine racks from below.  

Chandeliers and Wall Sconces 

Spot Lighting for a Home Wine Cellar by Custom Wine Cellars San Diego California

Spot Lighting for a Home Wine Cellar by Custom Wine Cellars San Diego California

To achieve a vintage look in your wine cellar, you may opt for chandeliers or wall sconces. The chandeliers are fixtures mounted on the ceiling and can be a focal point of your wine room. Larger chandeliers complement large wine cellars and vice versa.  

Wall sconces are also a great lighting option for your wine cellar. Choose the right type of bulb according to how you want the light to spread in the room. 

Work with an Experienced Designer for Safe and Unique Wine Cellar Lighting 

Ensure there is no excessive lighting in your wine cellar, to protect your wine collection from deteriorating. Work closely with an experienced builder who understands the impact of the correct choice of wine cellar lighting to your wine’s quality and the overall appeal of your wine room. 

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