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Refrigerated Wine Cellar San Diego

Refrigerated Custom Wine Cellar San Diego

If you want to collect wine but are not willing to invest in a refrigerated wine cellar, then you are wasting your time and money. You can’t preserve wine for years if it is stored in poor conditions. Keeping wine in the best possible environment will allow you to experience long-lasting enjoyment. To ensure that your custom wine cellar in San Diego performs well, it must be equipped with an efficient refrigeration system.

Why Do You Need a Wine Cellar Cooling System

Wines Stored in a Cellar Equipped with an Efficient Cooling System

Wines Stored in a Cellar Equipped with an Efficient Cooling System

Wine will age well in rooms with stable conditions. Storing it in a room equipped with the right cooling system will prevent it from deteriorating rapidly.  This is why climate-controlled wine cellars are increasing in demand for both residential owners and businesses that sell wine.

If you want your wines to last, your cellar must be installed with an efficient cooling unit to prevent temperature fluctuations and variable humidity levels.

Create the Perfect Environment for the Proper Preservation of Wine

It’s wrong to think that it’s okay to store wine in a room cooled by a regular air conditioner. Wine is delicate. It ages properly in rooms with the ideal environment.

Wine will deteriorate if you store it in an environment that is too hot or too cold. Regular fluctuations of storage conditions will also damage the wine.

With the right choice of cooling system, your wine cellar will perform at its best. At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we offer a wide range of wine refrigeration systems that will cater to the specific needs of each client.

All of our cooling units are designed to achieve the optimum temperature (55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit) and the ideal humidity level (50 to 70 percent). If the temperature goes above the normal range, the wine will spoil.

If the humidity level goes below 50 percent, the cork will dry out and crack, allowing an unwanted amount of oxygen to enter the bottles. This will cause oxidation, which ruins the wine. On the other hand, high levels of humidity will trigger mold growth on the wine labels, the racking, walls, and ceiling.

Before selecting the unit for your cellar, our technical team makes a careful assessment of your needs, so it will be of the right size, capacity, and type.

Different Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Self-Contained Wine Cooling System

Self-Contained Wine Cooling System

When choosing the type of wine refrigeration unit, one must consider the physical location of the cellar. We determine the possibilities for the installation of your wine cellar cooling system. We then choose the right unit size by performing a heat load calculation. This process will help us determine the correct BTU’s required for the room’s location.

We offer three types of cooling units: self-contained, ductless split, and ducted split systems.

Self-Contained Refrigeration System

An affordable cooling option for your custom wine cellar in San Diego. is the self-contained system. Unlike other types of refrigeration systems, this unit’s installation does not require an HVAC technician.

This will save you from spending for the professional fee of the installer.

The self-contained wine cooling unit is installed through the wall and needs a well-ventilated adjacent room for the hot air exhaust. It can be a spare room in your basement, mechanical room, or garage, and must be of the same size as your wine cellar. It utilizes two fans for more efficient cooling.

Ducted Split Wine Cooling System

Ducted Wine Refrigeration System

Ducted Wine Refrigeration System

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego recommends the ducted split wine refrigeration system for cooling small wine cellars. This is because the evaporator and condenser are installed outside the room, so no equipment occupies the cellar. This also means that a venting room is not required.

Both the evaporator and the condensing units can be housed in one unit or can be placed in different locations.

Ductless Split System

Ductless Split Refrigeration System

Ductless Split Refrigeration System

Another option is the ductless split system, which requires the evaporator to be installed inside the cellar. The condenser, which is the noisier component of the system, can be placed outside the cellar. Just like the ducted split system, there is no need for venting into an adjoining room for heat dissipation.

This set-up requires ducting because the evaporator and condenser are connected by copper tubing and electrical wiring. The installation of the ductless split system requires an HVAC technician.

Reliable Brands of Climate-Control Systems for Custom Wine Cellars in San Diego

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego has built climate-controlled wine rooms using different brands of cooling systems (WhisperKool, US Cellar Systems, Wine Guardian, and CellarPro).

WhisperKool Wine Cooling Units

WhisperKOOL WIne Cooling System

WhisperKOOL WIne Cooling System Installed by Custom Wine Cellars San Diego

For wine rooms located in countries where there are extreme temperature changes, we recommend the WhisperKool refrigeration units. They are designed to manage humidity levels. They can detect liquid temperature and adjusts the air’s coolness based upon what the system senses.

Learn more about WhisperKool wine cellar refrigeration systems.

US Cellar Systems

US Cellar Systems

US Cellar Systems Wine Cooling Unit

US Cellar Systems has been providing innovative climate-control systems for both residential and commercial applications. We choose this brand of cooling system for projects where the unit needs to fit under a soffit or in odd-shaped spaces.

Learn more about US Cellar cooling systems.

Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems

Wine Guardian Cooling Unit

Wine Guardian Cooling Unit

Wine Guardian is a market leader when it comes to reliability. Its largest model is designed for spaces up to 8,500 cubic feet. All of their products produce less noise and are virtually vibration-free.

They offer through-the-wall, ducted, and ducted split systems. For any size wine cellars, fully ducted self-contained wine cooling units are a good choice.

Learn more about Wine Guardian climate control systems.

CellarPro Wine Cellar Cooling Units


CellarPro Refrigeration Unit

CellarPro Refrigeration Unit

We offer the quietest cooling systems from CellarPro. They offer a wide range of products to cater to the specific needs of each client.

The refrigeration units are perfect for cooling, not only wine cellars, but also custom wine cabinets. They are designed with great features for maximum performance.

Learn more about CellarPro wine cooling products.

Learn More About Our Wine Cellar Cooling Projects

You can view our project gallery to learn more about our different wine cellar cooling installation projects. You will see how we make sure the refrigeration unit for each wine cellar project was of the right size, type, brand, and capacity.

Need Help in Cooling Your Wine Cellar in San Diego?

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