Wine Cellar Doors

Wine Cellar Door by San Diego Builders

Wine Cellar Door by San Diego Builders

Failure to install the right door for your wine cellar results in serious storage problems. You must hire a master builder who manufactures and installs well-designed entryways to protect your collection and achieve your aesthetic requirements. At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we offer attractive styles of doors and equip them with the necessary components to ensure that the ideal conditions for proper wine aging are achieved.

Why You Need a Wine Cellar Door Built by a Professional

Poor storage conditions cause the wine to lose its desirable characteristics and spoil. This is why an efficient wine cooling system is required in building a wine cellar.

However, it will not function normally if you have the wrong door, which is another important component of a wine cellar that is often overlooked. The right door will help stabilize the conditions in the wine room, helping the refrigeration unit work properly.

A regular door is not ideal for refrigerated wine rooms because it is not designed to help keep the optimum storage conditions. It must be made from an exterior grade material and installed by a professional builder to ensure that your wine cellar will keep your collection safe for many years to come.

An Insulated Door Provides an Airtight Seal to Keep Wine at Its Best

Insulated Wine Room Door

Insulated Door in a Home Wine Cellar

Wine will preserve its bouquet if it is kept in an environment where the temperatures and humidity levels are stable. Proper sealing of your wine room will keep your collection safe.

It will prevent the warm air from getting in and the cool air from escaping your cellar. An airtight seal can be achieved by installing a door manufactured by a knowledgeable wine cellar specialist.

Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, one of the most trusted builders of climate-controlled wine rooms, always makes sure that there is no gap around your door. We use the closed-cell foam insulation to fill in the gap between the rough opening and the jamb.

Additionally, we equip all sides of the door with weather stripping. We also install doorjambs or automatic door bottoms.

With an automatic door bottom, you won’t have to close the door yourself after entering or going out of your wine cellar, keeping the cool air from escaping the room.

High-Quality Construction Material, Innovative Technology, and Stunning Design

Using ordinary material for constructing wine cellar doors is a no-no. At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we use an exterior grade door for cooling efficiency. It also helps prevent warping due to humid conditions.

When it comes to design, you must keep in mind that you can make your wine cellar door stand out. You can choose from our available door styles or opt to customize it.

Door Style Matters

Wooden Wine Cellar Door

Wooden Wine Cellar Door

Grapevine Solid Wood Wine Cellar Door

Grapevine Solid Wood Wine Cellar Door

Additionally, you must also consider the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar door. It is the first thing that your guests will see before entering your wine room and affects how your completed wine cellar will look.

At Custom Wine Cellars San Diego, we use only the best materials in constructing wine cellar doors.

All of our doors come with high-grade hinges. We offer beautiful sets of handles and locks to meet the requirements of each client.

We have various designs to choose from to cater to the specific needs of each client. We can also customize your door to suit the existing theme of your home, your own personal style, and your budget.

Solid Wooden Doors

For wooden doors, we use the LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) technology. This process involves connecting multiple layers of thin wood using adhesives. It makes your door stronger and more durable.

The LVL technology also provides better insulating properties needed to prevent temperature fluctuations and varied humidity levels. Poor room insulation alters the chemical components of the wine, which may result in wine spoilage.

We also use another technique to increase the durability and strength of your door: the Mortise and Tenon. In this process, two wood components (mortise and tenon) are joined and interlocked together to form the corners of the door.

The common types of wood that we use to construct doors are: Knotty Alder, Clear Alder, Premium Mahogany, African Mahogany, Redwood, Walnut, and Cherry.

We hand carve the design for wooden entryways. If you want to combine wood and glass, the result will be an impressive design. We offer different casing (interior and exterior) options. You may also choose from various stain colors for a richer look.

Glass Doors

Custom Wine Cellar Glass Door San Diego Builders

Custom Wine Cellar Glass Door San Diego Builders

If you want your wine display area to be visible from outside the cellar, you can opt for a glass door. When constructing this type of entryway, Custom Wine Cellars San Diego uses dual-paned, glazed tempered glass panels for maximum insulation. The ideal thickness of the glass is 5/8”.

A seamless glass door adds a contemporary appeal to your space, which is why it is a favorite choice in high-end residential and commercial wine cellars.

Wrought Iron Doors (Hand-Forged)

Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door with Intricate Design

Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door with Intricate Design

An old-world look can be achieved with our wrought iron doors. They are designed to help your wine cooling system function efficiently by sealing the cool air in the room.

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, our wrought iron doors are forged by the hands of our skillful craftsmen. 

We add a high-density foam insulation to maintain a stable wine storage environment for your collection.

The standard thickness of this kind of door is 1.5 inches. You can customize your own wrought iron design and shape. The steel frame can be pre-hung or customized.

The interior glass panel is operable to allow ease of cleaning. To prevent oxidation, we apply acrylic premier and coats of black acrylic base. For maximum seal, we apply the selected faux finish to our wrought iron doors.

Stainless Steel Doors

Stainless Steel Wine Cellar Door

Stainless Steel Wine Cellar Door

If you are looking for an economical and minimalist style option, we recommend the stainless-steel doors.

We construct them with a material that is highly resistant to shrinking, rot, and warping.

With high resistance to oxidation, our steel doors don’t corrode. They can last long if taken with proper care. They are also easy to clean. The glass panels are dual paned to prevent condensation forming in the cellar.

Let an Expert Build Your Wine Cellar Door

You don’t just need a beautiful door to your wine cellar. You must also make sure that it is made of a high-quality material.

You must work with a company that has extensive knowledge about how to design and manufacture the ideal door for climate-controlled wine rooms. If you need help, contact Custom Wine Cellars San Diego at +1 (858) 429-9190!

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